How to control identity preserved foods

In episode 22 of HACCP Mentor Review controlling identity preserved foods, the key considerations for lighting in a food production area are covered along with the latest food recalls and the food safety action of the week.

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Welcome to Episode 22 of HACCP Mentor Review. In this episode the key considerations for lighting in a food production area, first aid kits, identity preserved food and name that food hazard are all covered along with the food recall wrap up and the action of the week.

Key considerations for lighting in a food production area

Lighting is integral to producing safe food but there are some things that need to be considered when lighting your food business. All lights should be adequately covered to prevent contamination of food product should a light globe happen to shatter. An alternative is to use shatter-proof light globes.

Light fittings should be positioned to allow for the most effective illumination of food production and food storage areas. The intensity should be within legal requirements for the food industry. Check your local food laws for the minimum lux required for food production. Don’t forget that light fittings should be also subjected to regular cleaning.

First Aid Kits in production areas

Have you considered that a first aid kit stored within the food production environment could be a potential source of contamination? Your first aid kit most likely contains metal safety pins, liquid medical solutions and other items that could become both a source for intentional or unintentional contamination. At a minimum, list everything that is contained in the first aid kit and regularly audit the contents to ensure that nothing is missing.

Recall Wrap Up

Some of the food recalls reported in the past week have included:

  • Salmonella in alfalfa sprouts
  • Listeria monocytogenes in Sunflower Seeds, Snack Mixes and Packaged corned beef
  • Undeclared allergens in chocolate bars, bakery muffins, Vege Deli Chips

What is an identity preserved food?  HACCP-Mentor-Identity-Preserved-Foods

Identity preserved foods are products that make a claim. These claims can relate to the status of a food product or raw material. The most common types of identity preserved foods include free range, preservative free, organic, Kosher and Halal.

If you advertise or label any of your food products with any type of claim, you are required to have suitable evidence to support the claim. Evidence can include test results, chain of custody documentation, raw material certifications and applicable control procedures. Undertaking a traceability activity on an identity preserved food is a good verification activity to test your claims.

Identify the food hazards

Check out a new game that I like to call – name that food hazard. Each week, a new food item will be published on the HACCP Mentor website and it is your job to list what hazards are associated with the food item. This will be a great education tool in identifying hazards that can be further used in your own hazard identification. You can check out the first food product on the HACCP Mentor website – just check the navigation tabs for “Name that Food Hazard”.

Action Item of the week

This week’s action item is to Check that the HACCP team details are current. Make sure that all team members are listed with their relevant positions and qualifications.

Wrap Up

Don’t forget about Food Safety Live coming up on June 26. I am presenting at this event so if you haven’t registered already, head over to Thanks for viewing Episode 22 of HACCP Mentor Review. Until next time, I am Amanda Evans from HACCP


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