Food Safety HACCP Challenge – Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of the HACCP Mentor Food Safety HACCP Challenge!  Before we start I would like to say a big thank you to all of you that have shown interest in participating in this food safety education and compliance initiative. The response has been nothing short of fantastic.

Quick Background

If this is the first time you have visited here is a quick run-down of the Challenge.  The Food Safety HACCP Challenge is FREE and involves implementing one HACCP food safety strategy every week for the next 50 weeks regardless of any of your planned verification activities. The FSH Challenge aims to keep you motivated, focussed and gives you the opportunity to spread the word about HACCP and food safety.  It is also a great way to evidence business and management commitment. Click here for more information.

The Challenge

To kick thing off out first Food Safety HACCP Challenge is to check that all pest bait maps line up with documented map.

How to do this Food Safety HACCP Challenge

Step 1:  Print off or grab a copy of your documented pest control map


Step 2:   Walk around your production facility to see if what is happening on the ground is reflected in your documented map.  Don’t forget to check both inside and outside of your food production facility including boundary fence lines. Also check all the different types of pest control devices.






Step 3: If you find any inconsistencies, rectify them as required. This will be to update your documented pest map to reflect what is actually in practice.


That is it – just an easy one to start off.  I would love to know how you went with this Food Safety HACCP Challenge so just leave a comment below this post. You can also let me know on Twitter or Instagram by using #FSHChallenge

16 thoughts on “Food Safety HACCP Challenge – Week 1”

  1. Got the pest control layout/map of the location from the contractor.Came to know that there are some stations which were not I have seen till now. Thanks for the eye opening activity

  2. Thank you for the challenges. New to this site and love it. I am from South Africa and accepted the challenge and surprisingly found other issues with my pest control management system.

  3. Thanks for your feedback Lee. To get more people involved in food safety in your business you can allocate this mini check to any of your food handlers. Set up a weekly schedule to help share the responsibility around. Thanks again!

  4. Good Day to the Team,

    This week challenge is quite easy but then again eve it is easy we must be as “Brilliant at the Basic” because implementing the basic rule is our key foundation to enable us to implement more
    complicated and succeeding process in whatever system we are implementing.
    After checking our map we found out that all bait station were in its proper
    place and all insect killer with busted bulb were reported to engineering for
    checking and changing of bulb.

    Thank you very much for this activity and more power,


  5. This is an easy one, because I check the pest control stations every week and they were last checked on Friday. Everything is where it belongs and the maps are correct.

  6. Hi ,
    This was extra easy for me because we just had our SQF audit last week and I walked with our pest control tech to verify all traps were correct on the site map and areas were cleaned and organized. ( but I checked again today anyway).
    Thank you for starting these challenges I believe it is great to have a website that is dedicated to HACCP and SQF without a million pop ups or advertisements !
    Thank you Again !

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