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How safe is your food business water supply?

The water that you use in your food business can have a direct effect on your food safety outcomes. Welcome to Week 17 of the Food Safety HACCP Challenge. This week you … [Read More...]

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Wooden Pallets splintering

Do you use wooden pallets in your food business?

Wooden pallets can easily become a source of foreign matter if not correctly controlled. In Week 16 of the Food Safety Challenge you are tasked with a … [Read More...]


Do you have a disaster contingency plan?

Welcome to week 15 of the Food Safety HACCP Challenge.  This weeks challenge is inspired by recent events in my home town in Australia. It really … [Read More...]

How clean is your cleaning equipment?

How clean is your cleaning equipment?

To be able to keep your food premises and production areas clean you need to have cleaning equipment. However have you ever considered that your … [Read More...]

HACP Mentor WHO - Food Safety Infographic 500x700

Educate your staff with this free food safety video

The World Health Organization celebrated “World Health Day 2015” last week so I am dedicating week 12 of the Food Safety HACCP Challenge to global … [Read More...]


Have you considered this hidden food allergen?

Many of us go to great lengths to identify and control different food allergens within our food business. We review and classify our raw materials and … [Read More...]


How controlled is your external garbage?

If not managed properly, external garbage bins can both attract pests into your food business and become a pest harbourage. In week 11 of the Food … [Read More...]


How good is your glass register?

The prevention and control of glass and similar items should be the priority of any type of foreign matter prevention program. It is this priority … [Read More...]


The importance of scale calibration

Scale calibration or the lack of, can have detrimental effects on your food business. Not only can it leave your food business open to regulatory … [Read More...]


Who is on your HACCP Team?

Welcome to week 8 of the HACCP Food Safety Challenge. This week’s challenge is to check that the HACCP team you have documented in your food safety … [Read More...]


Is firefighting equipment on your cleaning schedule?

This is one of the most obvious pieces of equipment that all food business have but is rarely found to be clean or included on the cleaning schedule. … [Read More...]


How good is your visitor access control policy?

In this week’s Food safety HACCP Challenge, visitor and contractor access is under the spotlight.  Site security should be paramount to ensure the … [Read More...]


Unlabelled Chemicals – a danger to your food business

Welcome to week 5 of the Food Safety HACCP Challenge.  This is another one of those no-brainers but still one that I regularly observe in food … [Read More...]


Food Product Recall – Week 4 Challenge

Welcome to week 4 of the HACCP Mentor Food Safety HACCP Challenge. This week’s challenge is an easy one which doesn’t require too much effort. It is … [Read More...]

How to set colour alerts for Approved Supplier Expiry Dates

Are your approved supplier HACCP certificates current?

Week 3 - Food Safety HACCP Challenge Welcome to Week 3 of the HACCP Mentor Food Safety HACCP Challenge.  This challenge involves an activity that a … [Read More...]


Week 2 – Food Safety HACCP Challenge

Welcome to Week 2 of the HACCP Mentor Food Safety HACCP Challenge.  The week has definitely flown and it only feels like yesterday that the first … [Read More...]