Week 2 – Food Safety HACCP Challenge

Welcome to Week 2 of the HACCP Mentor Food Safety HACCP Challenge.  The week has definitely flown and it only feels like yesterday that the first challenge was published.  Thanks to those food safety representatives who let me know how they went with reviewing their pest control devices.

This week is an easier one (I don’t want to scare you off too quickly) and also an issue that I constantly write non-conformances for when I audit HACCP based food safety management systems. It really is a ‘no brainer’ that everyone in your production facility can get involved in.



The Challenge

This week I challenge you to go around an check all of the wash hand basins located within your food business to see if they have an adequate supply of soap, paper towel and hot/warm water supplied.

How to do it

Step 1: Print off this check sheet so you can record your findings. Click here to download.



Step 2: Walk around your food business and visually check all of the wash hand basins for soap, paper towel and warm running water.

Step 3: You can also check to see if there is a bin available for the waste towel, if there is hands-free taps, if the hand basin is accessible (nothing stored in the sink or in front of the sink) and if there is any signage which reminds food handlers to wash their hands.

Step 4: Record your results and findings. Don’t forget to also have any issues fixed.

Make everyone responsible  for hand washingHACCP-Mentor-Wash-Hand-Basin

One of the fundamentals of food safety is hand washing however you can’t have good hand washing if the facilities are not available.  Everyone in your business can be responsible for making sure that the wash hand basins are always stocked and accessible.  The quicker issues are identified the better your food safety will be.


Let me know how you went with challenge.  Do you have a problem with wash hand basins not being stocked? Have you ever received a CAR in an audit for this issue? Just post a comment below this post to let me know. You can also let me know on Twitter or Instagram by using #FSHChallenge

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  1. Hi Amanda,

    I have a question to ask you because i was asked this question in a job interview.
    Where can you find information about GMP in Australian food standards?

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