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Three tips to consider when developing a new food product

Food product innovation can be an exciting part of any QA role. In this episode of HACCP Mentor review check out three tips to consider when developing a new food product.

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Welcome to episode 42 of HACCP Mentor Review. In this episode we discuss some considerations to keep in mind when developing new food products, the basics of cleaning and sanitising and verifying flow process charts.

How do you develop a new food product?

Developing new food products can be an exciting part of your work especially if that is what your passion is. As exciting as it may be, there are some key areas that need to be considered when it comes to food safety and compliance within your food business. These are my top three:

1. Introduction of allergens

Does the new food product introduce any new allergens into your food business? It is imperative that a full risk assessment for allergens be undertaken on all of the raw materials that will make up the new food product. If there are allergens present (that have not previously been identified) make sure that a full review is then undertaken on your current allergen management procedures.

2. Product Packaging

As part of any new food product research and development process, product packaging will be sourced. Verify that any interactions with the new packaging will not have an adverse effect on the finished food product. Consider the level of food grade material used, product security and potential for foreign matter originating from the packaging itself.

3. Product Label

I has spoken before about those crazy marketing people who like to run with a product label without first consulting the QA department. A thorough review of the proposed label against legal requirements is required. Make sure you are involved in the artwork sign-off for any new labels.

Basic Cleaning Video

I found a really basic video on cleaning that may be applicable in your business. Published by the Food Standards Agency in the UK it gives a very brief overview of the steps of effective cleaning. You can check it out here along with some other basic information on cleaning and sanitising.

Action of the Week

This week’s action item is to Check that all flow process charts have been verified in the past 12 months. This means that you have checked what actually happens on the production floor has been accurately documented in your flow process charts. IF you find any discrepancies, update your documented flow process chart. Make sure that any steps that are added or removed are reflected in the corresponding hazard analysis.

From the Archives – Hand dryers V paper disposable towels

Thankyou to everyone that provides feedback on the episodes. I love getting and answering your emails. One thing that I have been asked this past week was in regards my stance on paper towels V hand air dryers. I have previously written a post on this topic so thought it timely to link to this post. You can access the link from the transcript to this episode for those listening on the podcast.

Wrap up

Well that is episode 42 done for this week. Share away and as always, leave a comment below this episode if you have any feedback or questions. Until next time, I am Amanda Evans from HACCP

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