7 tips for your HACCP Plan

It is finally that time of the year where I get to wind down and take some much earned and needed leave. All of my audit reports are finished and all I have left to do is to close out a few corrective action requests from recent audits. I have enjoyed putting together the HACCP Mentor Reviews each week and look forward to sharing more knowledge and HACCP insights with you next year.

In this episode, I thought I would re-cap a few different topics which you may not have read throughout the year. I hope they serve as a timely reminder in your HACCP Plan and food safety system implementation and maintenance for the remainder of the year.

1. How to challenge your metal detector

2. What should be included in your wood policy

3. How often should you complete refresher training

4. Common traceability Codes used on Food Packaging

5. Who should be on the HACCP Team

6. How to show management commitment in a HACCP Audit

7. Hazard identification in your HACCP Plan

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