How to deal with a difficult food auditor

The competency and attitude of your certification food auditor can mean the difference between you feeling like the process has been valuable and educational or leaving you being totally frustrated and questioning the validity of the entire audit process.

Welcome to the first podcast episode of HACCP Chat where educational information and interviews are delivered to you in audio format. In our very first episode I chat with Peter Holtmann, President & CEO of Exemplar Global, about how to deal with difficult food auditors.

HACCP Chat – Episode 1

In this HACCP Chat Peter and I discuss:

  • What makes a good food auditor
  • What should you do if you don’t agree with the CARs that an auditor has given you during an audit
  • What is included in the food auditor code of conduct
  • The mechanism to report food auditors who do not comply with the Auditor Code of Conduct
  • What qualifications should your auditor have
  • How food auditors can keep their knowledge current
  • How to become a auditor

Share your food auditor experience

I reckon that we all have a food auditor horror story to report or how about a positive experience? Share with the HACCP Mentor community by leaving a comment below this episode.

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