Are you willing to show off your food safety?

I recently spent a few days visiting the beach side suburb of Manly in Australia, as part of a conference. As per usual, I always make time to get out and check out the local food scene. One restaurant that I had the pleasure of eating at was a lovely seafood restaurant called ‘Garfish’. For me, what set this restaurant apart from the dozens of restaurants in the area, was a really unique food safety view.

The restaurant had installed a camera and monitor showing what was going on in the kitchen. So my question to you is “Is the food safety practices in your food business good enough to broadcast to your customers?”

Are you willing to show off your food safety?

These practices include the cleanliness of your production environment, the hygiene practices of your food handlers, the state of your equipment and the presence of potential forms of contamination. Having your food production ‘on-show’ to the customer is a great motivator to be ‘inspection ready’ at all times.

It takes a dedicated food business to achieve this outcome and one that has built the highest food safety mentality into their working culture (from the top down). How does your business compare? Let me know by leaving a comment below this post.


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