FSPCA Preventive Controls For Human Food Course

Blended Learning Option

The Current Good Manufacturing Practice, Hazard Analysis, and Risk-based Preventive Controls for Human Food regulation (referred to as the Preventive Controls for Human Food regulation) is intended to ensure safe manufacturing/processing, packing and holding of food products for human consumption in the United States.  Food imported into the United States must meet the same laws and regulations as food produced in the United States.

The Preventive Controls for Human Food regulation is intended to ensure safe manufacturing, processing, packing and holding of food products for human consumption in the United States. The regulation requires that certain activities must be completed by a “preventive controls qualified individual”.  These activities include:

  • preparation of the Food Safety Plan,
  • validation of the preventive controls,
  • records review,
  • reanalysis of the Food Safety Plan, and
  • other activities as appropriate to the food.

FDA Standardized Curriculum

This course, developed by FSPCA, is the “standardized curriculum” recognized by FDA. Successfully completing this course is one way to meet the requirements for a “preventive controls qualified individual.”  

Blended Course Structure

The FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food Blended Course has two parts:

Part 1: Online
Part 2: Instructor Led - Virtual

To successfully complete the course, you must completed both Part 1 and Part 2.  A Certificate of Attendance will be provided after you have successfully completed both parts.

Part 1: Online

You can register for Part 1: Online course by clicking here. Once enrolled, you can begin the course immediately. You will also receive an automated enrollment confirmation email. You have 6 months to complete the online course, so plan accordingly!

Completion – Upon completion of Part 1: Online, you will receive an enrollment ticket and a completion email. Present either the enrollment ticket or completion email to your Part 2 lead instructor. You will not be able to attend Part 2: Instructor-Led without providing evidence of Part 1: Online completion

Before you enroll for Part 1: Online course, please read the background information to help you understand how the course is structured and what options will work best for you.

Cost: $198.00 US

Part 2 – Instructor-Led (Virtual Delivery)

The Part 2: Instructor-Led course is a review of the material from the Part 1: Online course, address questions that you may have related to the material in that course, and complete exercises applying the knowledge that you gained through the course materials.

To receive the Certificate of training from the FSPCA, you must complete Part 1 Online before the Part 2 class.

Part 2 – Instructor-Led of this course is delivered by Amanda Evans-Lara who is a Lead Instructor for the FSPCA Preventive Controls for Human Food Course (Certificate #27709511).

This virtual training aims to provide you with enhanced learning by keeping class sizes to a maximum of six (6) participants. This allows for greater interaction between your facilitator and fellow participants.  Customized course date available on request.

Note: If you do not feel comfortable using technology, please visit the FSPCA website to book a traditional class room course. Please review the technology requirements listed on the “Register for Part 2” page to assess your capability to complete this training virtually.

Cost: $349.00 US

Upcoming Courses: Part 2




Tuesday 26 May 2020

8am - 4pm (PST)

Virtual Classroom

Thursday 18 June 2020

8am - 4pm (EST)

Virtual Classroom

Wednesday 22 July 2020

8am - 4pm (PST)

Virtual Classroom

Thursday 27th August 2020

9am - 5pm (EST)

Virtual Classroom

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

8am - 4pm (CST)

Virtual Classroom

Tuesday 20th October 2020

8am - 4pm (PST)

Virtual Classroom

Monday 30th November 2020

8am - 4pm (EST)

Virtual Classroom

PST = Pacific Time (eg. California / LA)
EST = Eastern Time (eg. New York)
CST = Central Time (eg. Dallas)
AEST = Australian Eastern (eg. Sydney / Melbourne)

Course Feedback

Read what some of our previous students have to say about this course


Amanda Lara was an excellent instructor with easily understood examples/exercises. Exercises were reviewed individually instead of as part of a group. Great review of each chapter.

Stephanie Cline - Marion Regional Supervisor, Illinois Department of Public Health

The activities through the course really allow for applying and understanding the material better.

Eva Pantoja - General Manager, Frontier Soups

The assignments and review of them were instrumental to me understanding with more confidence what I am learning. Amanda did great at sharing her knowledge on the topics at hand by making them relatable to all in the classroom.

Amanda Ulestad - Quality Assurance Technician, Russell Stover Chocolates

The course was great! I liked that Amanda was very approachable and asked every person about experiences from their work and life (as well as provided examples herself) to draw connections from the material to real world situations and keep all of us engaged. Because Amanda had us continually return to the legal documents, I feel like I'm better able to navigate them and use them for my work place and our Food Safety Plan

Aarika Heron - Quality Assurance Technician, S. Martinelli & Company

The training was excellent and I am very glad that I had the opportunity to take it. I really enjoyed the real time feedback for the exercises. My colleagues are looking forward to taking the training with you in the future.

Ashley Mirkes - Quality Assurance Manager, PD International Holdings

Excellent course – especially considering it was online in a chat room – I was somewhat worried that it would be difficult/awkward, but Amanda made it easy and comfortable to use.

Ingolf Gruen - Associate Professor, University of Missouri

I’m really happy to have templates to work with even though we can format any way we like it’s great to have some starting points for that.

Sarah Ayala - CEO

Thanks for the excellent course. It was enormously helpful for my understanding of food safety regulation. It would be a great asset in my career as a customs broker and FDA consultant.

Bong S Lee - CEO, LBS Regulatory Consulting Service

It was valuable to see another sample example product than what was provided in the course work. The insights of the instructor was also extremely valuable.

Jeff Eckart - Operations Manager, Cougar Mountain Baking Company

The activities really helped strengthen my understanding of the course material. I really enjoyed this course and found it very helpful. The activities really helped strengthen my understanding of the course material.

Chelsey Turinske - Laboratory Technician, Campbell Soup Supply Company

I really enjoyed the class, instructor, classmates, and learned quite a bit. I have a much better understanding of the course material overall.

Anonymous - Regulatory

For me, the most valuable part of the course was the ability to learn a subject then practice it individually. Many times in these types of courses you will work in teams which leaves many members out of the learning activity. Excellent instructor and a good pace to the course.

Ed Baker - Inbound/Outbound/IC/WMS Manager, Dollar General

HACCP Mentor’s virtual training is excellent for those that have been in the industry as well as those that are in the early stages of their food career. The combination of self-guided and online conference learning is an excellent method which allows participants to thoroughly digest the information and regulations presented. Compared to most other trainings I have taken, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of information that I learned as well as how thoroughly it was taught via case studies, examples, and virtual participation. I highly recommend this course and its experienced instructors.

Matt Wolf - Founder, Moderne Beverages

Overall this was a good course, very informative and engaging. The information and exercises were helpful and valuable

Francisco Ramirez - Inventory Control | Quality Assurance Supervisor

Amanda did a great job on the course, thank you for a well-taught class.

Craig Deahl - Owner, Superlost Coffee

The most valuable part of the course was the explanation and side comments about how this links or is different from other programs. i.e. GMP, SQF, HACCP

Kristin Kohl - Consultant, Quality Solutions Consulting

After completion of the FSPCA Part 1 Online course I was hesitant about Part 2 being a virtual course having never participated in something like that. Upon completing Part 2 with Amanda Evans-Lara, I was satisfied with the outcome. Everything from the login directions to the activities were clear and simple. There was never an uncomfortable feeling about the class. The combination of knowledge presented by the instructor and exercises asked to be done were informative and useful. Class participation was needed but not in a stressful way. Answers were submitted, and feedback was given without putting you on the spot if you were unsure of on a topic. Great experience for not having to travel.

Nick Yakas - Dennco Foods

The most valuable part of the course was the delivery of regulated material by a professional instructor, who is very passionate about subject.

Richard Ashton - Compliance Manager, Premier Logistics Solutions

I was surprised to find it so helpful and you are incredibly knowledgeable. Amanda was great, very informed and to the point. Thanks so much!

Amy Allen - Quality Assurance, PRC Inc

Amanda was professional, patient, and very knowledgeable. The ability to be instructed by someone with her breadth of knowledge and background was excellent.

Scott Wessler - COO, Vimpex International Corp.

I was very surprised that the technology worked so well. This has not been my experience in the past. Great instruction, and a LOT of useful information. Despite the length, I wouldn’t hesitate to take another virtual course or to recommend this one.

Michele Otte - Quality Control Manager, US Durum Products

I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of taking the class on-line. It is very effective from a cost, time, scheduling and travel standpoint. Amanda was very skilled at doing on-line classes. I was impressed with how she juggled all of the technical issues so quickly.

Charles E. Sizer - CSO, Dairyvative® Technologies, Inc.

Amanda was a great instructor. She kept the class engaged with activities and questions.

Heather Buchholz - Warehouse Administrator at Brewers Supply Group - Shakopee

Thank you so much for teaching the course online. It is valuable to not need to travel or commute anywhere for a good learning experience. The ability to learn to develop the food safety plan with specific examples illustrating the thought process of what is to be communicated and addressed was valuable. To actually practice through the written activities to implement the thought process, and the insight of what to look for when auditing and reviewing food safety documentation was also valuable. It was also valuable to have an international instructor to understand global application and concerns during feedback.

Jeannie Byrne - Quality & Regulatory Affairs Manager, Wego Chemical Group

Good course overall, Amanda was a clear teacher and presenter. Very happy with the overall process and course.

Stuart Nixon

I would highly recommend this course and instructor.

Colin McKenzie - Brewmaster, Grady's Cold Brew

I found the most valuable part of the course to be the activities, followed up with instructor correction. They forced me to know that I know what I know. Had this been a lecture only, it might have been tempting to zone out.

Matthew Turpin

The exercises were very effective and will help in developing our preventative controls. Overall I thought it was a great experience for my first virtual training. Thanks.

Steve Kerr - Spangler

Thank you so much for your time today to help me become a certified PCQI! This was the best live class I have taken.

Leah Lykens - SQF Practitioner, Blue Apron

Having the Virtual format allowed better flexibility for timing and eliminated the need to travel. The course was easy to follow and I will take away much more than I would have a traditional classroom setting.

Savannah Holmer - Manager of Food Safety & Regulatory

It was a very good course to get the necessary information without having to travel and lose several days in the process. Effective and understandable. I would recommend and will look to have others from my business attend.

Dana Woodcock - Quality Manager, Lightlife Foods Inc.

I learn best by doing, not reading, so getting real time feedback from the completing the activities was the most beneficial part of the course for me.

John Gleisner - Assistant Director/Facility Manager, Dollar General Warehouse

I got a lot out of the activities after every session. This helped to make the learning real.

Doris Lau - Quality Systems Analyst, Fuchs North America

Everything in this class was helpful.

Rethy Rim - Shipping - BGG Select Ingredients (NORCAL Region)

I am very satisfied. I feel like I have a little hands-on experience with enough resources to be able to come up with a solid food safety plan.

Brenda Griffin - QA Technician II, Bascom Maple Farms

Thank you, I found the class very informative and I think that you are a great instructor!

Angela Keough - Products/Projects/PCQI Manager

The instructional delivery was very good. I was mentally prepared for having sound/feedback issues as is common with Webinars but this was very well done and well organised.

Erica Porter - Quality Manager, Ardent Mills

To me the most valuable course was the chapter on allergens. I thought I understood this part of the chapter in depth, but I was incorrect. So learning more about the subject was a great help and made me feel more confident about becoming a PCQI. I enjoyed the instructor and if I were to take another class that she offered, I would. She was fantastic.

Mistie Miller - Laboratory Technician, ADM/Quincy

The most valuable part was filling out the forms correctly. The instructor was very knowledge and very pleasant which made this course much easier to go thru.

Rhiannon Garrido - Seattle Artisan Foods

Good class room information and instructor was engaging and kept us moving through the subject.

Conor Keegan - Platinum Performance

I found the course experience very good. I feel more prepared and knowledgeable. Your good humored teaching style and the many exercises made the otherwise dry material much more enjoyable, thanks!

Tracy Yates - Director of Microbiology, Emergy Foods

I like how we reviewed everything from the book, and I love the templates in the back of book. This was a pleasant experience. Instructor was helpful.

Giovanni Perez - Inventory - BSG (Southwest)

The training method used for the FSPCA Preventative Controls for Human Food Course was an excellent way to go! The ease and convenience of being able to complete this at my leisure was invaluable with my busy life. This was my first experience engaging in a virtual classroom setting. Amanda, our instructor was very helpful and patient with getting everyone set up. Even though, we were from all parts of the world, she managed to create a comfortable classroom feel that provided an easy platform to engage in the lessons being presented. Her extensive knowledge on the subject was evident from the start. The assignments she had us complete we’re very practical in the sense that we could take what we learned and immediately integrate it into our own facility programs. As an Operations Manager for a food manufacturing plant, I need to be involved in every aspect of the business. With the knowledge gleaned from this course, I feel armed & ready to ensure that each of my departments are in compliance with the new FSMA rules. Great course!

Julie Feenstra - Operations Manager

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