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Happy Customers

Amanda provided training for my Diploma of Quality Auditing. She is an engaging speaker and trainer. I can truly say there was no time during her training that I felt bored or disengaged. Her extensive experience and knowledge of auditing and standards was a huge benefit. Coupled with a great sense of humour this made learning a delight.
Alison Eaton, Orica
As a HACCP consultant I am required to maintain currency on my HACCP qualifications and due to my location and availability online courses suit me best. I found the HACCP Mentor course interesting with some approaches I hadn’t previously seen as well as some information to back up my methods. In addition, I found the course user friendly and Amanda provided prompt assistance when required. I would not hesitate to recommend the HACCP Mentor HACCP Refresher course, it is not only economical, it is educational!
Natasha Wing, HACCP Mentor Particpant
I loved the HACCP course I took with you.
Stephanie El Akkaoui, Lindt & Sprungli
Very nice presentation yesterday on IFSQN’s Food Safety Live 2016.
Alan Patapow, Giovanni Foods
Thanks for the very informative topic [Nailing Non-conformances webinar]. It was very helpful, since I just started food safety and food security related work on top of my packaging and equipment development and Lean. I hope to join more of webinars!
Michelle Astorga, Dole Packaged Foods Asia
Excellent presentation Amanda. Very practical to work on NC [Nailing Non-conformances Webinar]
Ramesh Ghimire, Blue Lake Milling
I like the way that you maintain focus on one area and keep the solution very simple and efficient. Guess that comes from your experience – at least that’s how I like to see it myself when I’m out with my customers.
Karin Hansen, Food Efficiency

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