HACCP Food Safety Programs

HACCP Mentor offers a range of HACCP, food safety & food quality program services to the food industry. We recognise that each business has different needs and requirements so we tailor our services specifically for you.  Whether you need a program written to a GFSI recognized standard or one to ensure basic regulatory compliance, HACCP Mentor can help you achieve your food safety compliance goals.

Consultancy Services

HACCP Program Development

Putting together your HACCP Plan or Food Safety Program can be a daunting and overwhelming process. If you are just starting out or need a total re-write we can help you. If one of your customers has requested that you comply with “their rules” we can help you with that as well.

We can develop HACCP systems to suit compliance with BRC, SQF, FSSC 22000, IFS or any of the GFSI approved standards. Customer specific systems can also be developed including McDonalds, Amazon, Coles, Woolworths, Costco, Aldi or other retailer requirements.

HACCP Program Maintenance

A well organised and up-to-date HACCP system can mean the difference between success and failure during a third-party audit. Get that extra bit of help without having to employ a full time qualified QA HACCP professional. HACCP Program Maintenance gives you piece of mind that your HACCP System is being hosted and regularly monitored. This is a monthly subscription service which includes:

  • Reminders of when key verification activities are due.
  • Review third-party HACCP audit report (2x annual)
  • Direction on closing audit Corrective Action Requests
  • Unlimited HACCP mentoring via email
  • 30 minutes’ telephone HACCP consultation a month
  • Hosting of your electronic HACCP System (if required)
  • Regular updates on HACCP news

Onsite consultation visits are not included, but if required, can be quoted.

HACCP Plan Review

Sometimes it is great to get an external set of (qualified) eyes to check out your HACCP plan to make sure that you have identified and covered all of your food safety, quality and regulatory risks. Undertaking a review of your HACCP plan involves checking and comparing HACCP Plan documents against each other and the basic requirements for HACCP.

The HACCP Plan Review includes:

  • That you have identified the most likely hazards, hazard categories and control measures at each of the production steps documented in your flow process chart.
  • Your allocated risk ratings are a true reflection of the hazard assessment tool that you have used.
  • Significant hazards and Critical Control Points (CCPs) have been identified correctly.
  • The elements included within your HACCP audit table are in alignment with HACCP requirements and best practice.
  • All HACCP documents ‘marry’ up.

The HACCP Plan Review does not include:

  • That your documented flow process chart is a true reflection of your actual process.
  • Your hazard analysis likelihood and consequence ratings are applicable to your production environment.
  • Implementation of any of your HACCP pre-requisite programs.

Please contact us for a quote for your additional review requirements.

HACCP Records

Revolutionize the way you complete business records by filling out your food safety compliance records on mobile devices. HACCP Records converts your paper forms into mobile forms saving you both time and money. HACCP Records can be used by any food business, big or small. To get started visit www.haccprecords.com or click here.

Food Safety Program Organisation

HACCP food safety documents can quickly become out of control if they are not organised correctly. Having a well-organised food safety system can shave time off your third-party audit and reduce your stress considerably. To find out more click here.

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