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Wood Contamination in Food


Wood Contamination

Hazard Category

Foreign matter or physical contamination

Common Source  Food Hazard Spotlight - Wood Contamination

Wooden storage pallets, equipment and utensils that contain wood, field grown raw materials and product packaging made from wood.

Food association

All types of food products

It can happen

Processed Chicken products were recalled in Australia due to wood contamination.

Prevention and Control:

  • Ensure that wooden pallets are free from splinters.
  • Use a thick barrier liner (that will not be pierced between the wooden pallet and food products stored on the pallet.
  • Do not use wooden handled equipment or utensils that is not intact or adequately maintained. Avoid use if possible.
  • Sieve all raw ingredients prior to use.

If you have any examples and applicable prevention and control measures please share your knowledge by commenting below.


2 thoughts on “Wood Contamination in Food”

  1. This is a great article, thanks so much for sharing. It’s amazing how many things can cause foreign matter to get into food. It’s unfortunate that there’s not better ways of detecting wood it once it gets into the food- prevention is the only sure thing! At least metal foreign objects can be magnetically separated from food.

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