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Who is on your HACCP Team?

Welcome to week 8 of the HACCP Food Safety Challenge. This week’s challenge is to check that the HACCP team you have documented in your food safety HACCP program is current. Often when people leave a position or a food business this document is not updated.  It is not until an audit (internal or external) that this may be identified.

How to do this Challenge

Grab a copy of your documented HACCP team. Check that the people written down as being ‘on the HACCP team” are still in those positions. Take the opportunity to review their HACCP and food safety qualifications to see if they are both adequate and current.

What is a HACCP Team?

A HACCP Team can be defined as being a group of people who have adequate skills and knowledge applicable to the development and implementation of a HACCP based food safety program.  The requirement to assemble a HACCP team is documented in Codex HACCP at preliminary step 1 – Assemble the HACCP team.

What is the role of the HACCP Team?

The role of the HACCP Team is develop, manage and implement the HACCP system. This includes developing and implementing actions and procedures based on:

  • The preliminary steps of HACCP
  • The 7 HACCP principles
  • Pre-requisite support programs

This is to be a group effort and should not be left the sole responsibility of one person.


Who should be on the HACCP Team?

The team should be multi-disciplinary. Representatives from all areas of the business should be included on the HACCP team including production, cleaning, maintenance, management, packing, stores, customer service and supply management.  The aim is to have as much knowledge included on the HACCP team in:

  • how the business works
  • how the food products are produced
  • what could go wrong and/or what has gone wrong
  • what to do if something does go wrong
  • HACCP and food safety compliance requirements

Need a template for your HACCP team or HACCP meeting minutes? Click here

What qualifications should the HACCP team have?

At a minimum, all team members should have a basic knowledge in HACCP and food safety. Team members should be able to identify and assess food safety hazards, develop and implement suitable control measures and investigate and report non-conformances.

The HACCP Team leader should have formal qualifications in HACCP (commensurate with any HACCP certification requirements).  Major customer standards made stipulate the type of HACCP qualification required.

How often should the HACCP team meet?

Your HACCP team should meet as often as needed but as a minimum it should be based on any external certification or customer requirements.  Meeting frequencies can be weekly, monthly or quarterly – it really is up to you.  When determining your meeting frequencies take into consideration availability of HACCP team members, production size and production scheduling. Always make sure that you have a clear purpose or aim to your HACCP meeting. Any HACCP team meeting should have ‘meeting minutes’ recorded which state who was present, what was discussed and any agreed resolutions.


Thanks for taking the time to go through Week 8 of the #FSHChallenge. Please leave a comment below to let me know how you did and don’t  forget to share with your colleagues or your own HACCP team.

12 thoughts on “Who is on your HACCP Team?”

  1. Hello all,

    Title 21 CFR parts; 110, 111, 117- Dietary supplements

    For the FDA is it necessary to list the names of each person on the HACCP team or can we list the specific job titles of each member. ie; Purchasing, Sanitation, QC, QA, Micro, Receiving etc.
    We are not an SQF/ BRC audited facility.

    Thank you in advance for your advice.

    1. Hi Pamela

      From what I can read from 21 CFR § 117.126 – Food safety plan, there is no requirement to document a HACCP Team. The requirement to have a HACCP Team documented comes from Step 1 of the Codex Alimentarius Hazard Analysis and Critical Control (HACCP) system which has been incorporated into many GFSI recognized standards.

    1. Amanda Evans-Lara

      There is no set amount as it will vary with every business. The team is about having the people with the areas of knowledge required to put together an effective HACCP and food safety program.

  2. Please, can you send to me all lessons.. I like with this information it’s very easy to understand for any one.. Thank you

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