Premium Support Assist

Only $20 USD a month (cancel at any time)

Online expertise for when you need help complying with HACCP, food safety or quality requirements.

When you operate a food business or are employed in a food safety/quality role, it's hard to know where to go for answers. Free platforms give you a confusing mess of options. True experts can be hard to track down. Ask Google, and you will have to sift through millions of results.

That's why HACCP Mentor Support Assist was created.

"It's like having a food safety consultant in your pocket."

HACCP Mentor has created the world's simplest food safety, HACCP and quality coaching platform. All it takes is three easy steps:

  • Email a food safety, HACCP or quality compliance question directly to our premium support contact.
  • Get a prompt answer from Amanda or one of HACCP Mentor's experienced team members.
  • Implement expert advice with confidence.

Until now, HACCP Mentor's coaching has only been available to her private clients who have paid up to $2,000 per month for the privilege. Now Amanda Evans-Lara is making this kind of personalized coaching more accessible than ever before.

You can now get no frills, to-the-point advice on things like:

  • Closing out external and internal audit CARS
  • Setting up your food safety system
  • Verifying food labels
  • Identifying the root cause of common food safety compliance problems
  • Interpretation of GFSI requirements
  •  Process step hazard identification
  • Customer and retailer management
  • Navigating new food business start-up
  • Working out your CCPs or Preventive Controls
  • Validating your critical limits

Only $20 USD a month

Cancel at any time, no contracts!

Common Questions

What is Premium Support Assist

Premium Support Assist is an email-based 'question and answer' coaching service hosted and performed by HACCP Mentor. 

Will you do the work for me?

HACCP Mentor does not do the actual work for you. We will provide guidance and advise on what needs to be done to achieve your specific outcome. Please check out our consultancy services or contact us for a quote.

What if I decide to cancel?

If you no longer wish to use HACCP Mentor's Premium Support Assist, you may cancel at any time. You will still have access up until the end of your subscription cycle as pro-rated credit is not available. Contact us to cancel.

How many questions can I ask a month?

You can ask as many questions as you like (within reason) each month that you are subscribed to this service.

Can you provide legal advice?

Any guidance or advisory provided is not to be construed as legal advice.  HACCP Mentor can point you towards a lawyer should you have any matters that require legal representation.

Will my questions be confidential?

HACCP Mentor will not share your questions with any other person (unless your written permission is provided). The answers to your questions are provided directly to your provided email address therefore are subject to your own email sharing preferences. 

How will I be charged?

HACCP Mentor uses Stripe to collect reoccurring payments. Your nominated credit card will be billed monthly until cancelled.

Can I share my subscription with my team mates?

Premium Support Assist subscriptions are available for a single user. This means that the same person, with the same email address has to ask the questions.

Do you provide discounts?

Premium Support Assist is offered at a low monthly price.  Discounts are not applicable.

What if I want to talk to HACCP Mentor on the telephone?

HACCP Mentor can provide 'over-the-phone' support if needed. Please contact us for our consultancy prices.

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