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The Value of Professional Development

Professional development can present itself in many different formats from reviewing legislative updates, reading food safety journals to attending formal competency based training. Having a good cross section of the different methods is a fantastic way to stay current.

Professional development requirements

The majority of GFSI accredited standards have an element that relates to some form of keeping up-to-date with relevant food safety and quality legislation and information. Welcome to Week 28 of the Food Safety HACCP Challenge. This week you are challenged to undertake a review of professional development that you and your team have undertaken in the past 12 months.

Completing this #FSHC

(1) Write out a list of the different ways that you keep up-to-date with changes and information relating to food safety and quality

(2) Categorize each of these into formal and informal methods

(3) If you are reading this post, you at least have one source of keeping up-to-date 🙂

Documenting a professional development program

Documenting your professional development program makes good sense. This can easily be achieved by including the following elements:

  • Type of professional development – is it formal or informal?
  • The source of the professional development for example FDA food recall RSS feed, the website address of the resource,
  • The frequency of the professional development for example daily, weekly, annual.
  • If you operate with head office functions, you can document how information is disseminated out to other staff members located at site levels.
  • The name and position of the person who is attending any external training.
  • The learning outcomes of any formal training
  • Requirements for knowledge refresher.

To access online training click here

RSS feeds – great resource

RSS feeds are a great way to keep current with information coming out from government bodies. You can get RSS feeds directly to your email In-Box or your favourite magazine style reader app. To find out how to access and set up an RSS feed please click here.

Share the love with the HACCP Mentor community and document your favourite way that you keep up to date with the latest food safety and quality information by leaving a comment below.

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