Allergen Management Program

Allergen Management Program

The Allergen Management Program template provides all the tools required to identify, control, educate and communicate the risk and presence of food allergens in your food business, from raw materials through to finished products.

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This is a PROGRAM TEMPLATE. You are required to customize the template to suit your own food business and compliance requirements.

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All food businesses have a legal obligation to produce safe food and food that will not harm ‘at-risk’ consumers. An Allergen Management Program template is a system that serves to identify, control, educate and communicate the risk and presence of food allergens in your business, from raw materials through to finished products.

An effective allergen management program can mean the difference in ensuring that your food business produces food that will not harm the ‘at-risk’ consumer.  There are many different components that need to be considered when developing an allergen management program for your food business.

The key areas include:

  • Understanding the allergen status of all raw materials used and handled by your business.
  • Understanding supplier vulnerabilities relating to allergens.
  • Identifying areas of risk that may be present in your food business.
  • Managing and controlling the flow and use of allergens within your food business.
  • Communicating the presence of allergens to ‘at-risk’ consumers.
  • Verifying the effectiveness of your allergen management program and procedures.

This compliance program provides the foundation framework to further build upon. You may amend the program to suit your own food business in the context of relevant legal, certification or customer requirements.

Resources and Tools

The Allergen Management Program template includes the following resources and tools to assist your food safety, legal and 3rd party certification compliance.

  • Quick Start Guide

Get started quickly with our easy 4-Step Process to documenting, implementing and reviewing the program.

  • Allergen Management Program Policy

This document is the foundation of your compliance program. It provides policy and direction on how your food business will control and manage allergens.

  • Templates and Forms

There is no need to re-invent the wheel when you can use our procedures, templates and forms that have proved to be audit and compliance friendly.

  • Raw Material Risk Assessment
  • Production Schedule
  • Allergen Finished Product and Line Identification
  • Label Application Check
  • Pre-operational GMP Checks
  • Risk Assessment Food Allergens in Vending Machines
  • Label Review
  • Destruction of Obsolete Packaging
  • Training Attendance
  • Allergen Identification, Storage and Segregation
If you use HACCP Records to capture and manage your compliance data, e-process templates are also included as part of this package.
  • Online Training

Increase or refresh your knowledge with our online IACET accredited training modules. A certificate of competency is awarded on successful completion.

  • An Introduction to Allergen Management
  • Gluten Awareness
* Additional online course subscriptions can be purchased at discounted rates.
  • Implementation Guidance Videos and Documentation

Developing business compliance systems and procedures can be daunting for any business. That is why we have got you covered with our guidance videos and documentation.

  • Additional Allergen Resources

Get private access to a comprehensive list of curated resources to help you train your employees and stay up-to-date with food allergen news, laws, recalls and information.

  • Business Support

HACCP Mentor provides email support and mentoring while you are implementing your Allergen Management Program into your food business.

  • HACCP Mentor Loyalty Program

Enjoy up to 10% off any additional online training, programs and singular templates.

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