Kindle book release on Stress Free Audits

Stress Free Audits: Your Guide to Great Results is now on Kindle

Any type of audit of your work systems and practices can be a daunting process to go through. The level of anxiety experienced by auditees seems to be greater when your business is dependant upon successful certification.

Welcome to “Stress-free Audits: Your Guide to Great Results. After 20 years of auditing regulatory, compliance and certification standards, I have often reflected on why one company can obtain a good audit result when another company performs poorly. What I have observed is that there are common practices that have contributed to both successful audit outcomes and failures.

Regardless of the type of audit, there are a range of easy to implement strategies that will ensure your Company gets through this process.

The strategies and information contained “Stress Free Audits: Your Guide to Great Results” will help you to be better prepared and more organised for your next audit. Like anything in life…the better prepared you are the easier things will be.

Grab a copy from the Amazon Kindle store now

PS: You don’t need a Kindle to access this book. You can read Stress Free Audits: Your Guide to Great Results on your mobile phone, ipad, tablet of desktop computer. All you need to do is download the free Kindle App.

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