How to organise your corrective action evidence

As part of the third party certification audit process, there are usually non conformances raised against the auditee. These non-conformances are ultimately presented as corrective action requests (CARSs) post audit. To close-out these CARs, the auditee is required to provide evidence to the auditor demonstrating that the issue has been rectified and the root cause of the issue has been identified.

Today, I have been very fortunate to have a client that I recently audited, dazzle me with a really easy system that I have not seen before. I really do love a bit of innovation and organisation when it comes to food compliance auditing. Read on to see what they did……

Organise your evidence – Step by Step

  • Insert a blank table into a word document with the column headers shown in example.
  • Complete the information in the table. You get the non-conformance from the CAR document sent by your auditor.
  • In the evidence column (last column on right) embed any records, policies, photos etc.
  • Save the document and send to your auditor.

If you are not sure how to embed a document in your evidence table, you can watch a quick video here.

Happy Auditor

For me as the auditor, this was such a quick and simple way to review all of the CAR evidence. I usually get email upon email upon email with mislabelled documents and photos that don’t tend to marry up to the original CAR. This was a great solution!

If you have other tips to share that make food compliance a breeze, let us know by sending us an email or leave a comment below.




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