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How to control HACCP records

The best way to control food safety and HACCP records is to check out this episode 17 of HACCP Mentor Review.




Welcome, I’m Amanda Evans with episode 17 of HACCP Mentor Review. In this episode we cover internal audit, HACCP records, keeping current with legislation and staff wearing jewellery.

Components of an internal audit program

The majority of certification standards require that you complete an internal audit on your business. A question that I was asked this week was what components should make up the internal audit program. Here are a few to make sure you have covered:

  • An schedule of when the internal audits will be completed.
  • A clearly defined scope and audit criteria (what is the audit going to cover).
  • Making sure that the person undertaking the internal is competent.
  • Results of the internal audit process are communicated to those responsible for the area that was audited.
  • Any issues identified during the internal audit are actioned.
  • Records are available to support that the internal audit was completed and actioned.


How to keep up-to-date with legislation changes

The easiest way to keep up-to-date with food legislation changes is to subscribe to RSS feeds. Have a look at your countries food legislation authority and see if they have a RSS feed you can get.

To find out how to set up RSS feeds so they come directly to your email in-box check out my post on how to set up a food safety rss feed. I will put a link in the notes to this episode.

SQF Guidance Document

This week the SQF Institute released their guidance documents for Module 2 and Module 11 of the SQF Code (Edition 7.1). These documents are a fantastic resource for both food manufacturers and auditors and help with the interpretation and expectation of Edition 7.1. You can download a free copy from the SQF website or just check the links in this episode.

How to control HACCP Records  HACCP-Mentor-control-HACCP-records

The best way to control food safety and HACCP records is to firstly have document control applied to the form that gets completed. (Remember, a record really is just a form that has been filled out)
You can then state in your document control procedure that the way you control records is by:

  • Only using controlled forms
  • Storing records securely
  • Retaining the record (as per your record retention policy)

Make sure the form is listed in your document index (list of forms). You can also say that the date that the form was completed is used as the record control mechanism.

Food Poisoning Outbreaks

This HACCP Mentor episode reviews a recent food poisoning outbreak from Las Vegas, USA. The Southern Nevada Health District reported that as of May 5, 2013 at least 196 patrons and 4 employees who consumed food and/or drinks at Firefly restaurant during April 21-26, 2013 have been determined to be confirmed or probable cases of Salmonella infection.

No single menu item appeared to be the likely source for the outbreak however, inspections carried out by the local authority found a number of issues including:

  • employees not washing their hands properly,
  • employees using bare hands to dispense ready to eat foods,
  • improper cooling practices of potentially hazardous foods,
  • Temperature abuse of potentially hazardous foods,
  • improper food storage that included raw animal products stored above ready to eat foods,
  • inadequate cleaning and sanitizing of preparation surfaces.


Action Item of the week

This week’s action item is to go and Check that staff are not wearing jewellery. Jewellery can become a potential physical hazard if it ends up in the food product. The wearing of rings can also prevent adequate hand washing and be a occupational health and safety issue.

Wrap up

That wraps another episode of HACCP Mentor Review. As always, I would love to hear you feedback so just leave your comments below this episode. Until next time, I am Amanda Evans from HACCP Mentor.com

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