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Are your HACCP monitoring records correct?

HACCP Monitoring records are the documented proof to show that you have actually monitored the critical limits outlined in your HACCP audit table. But things are not always as good as they seem. Welcome to Week 24 of the HACCP Mentor Food Safety HACCP Challenge. In the majority of food audits that I perform, it is often identified that CCP monitoring records don’t actually record the critical limits identified in the HACCP Plan.

The #FSHChallenge

This week you are challenged to check that your HACCP monitoring records actually record the critical limit you have defined in your HACCP plan.

Step 1: Grab a copy of your HACCP Audit Table or CCP Table

Step 2: Grab a copy of each of your CCP / QCP monitoring forms.

Step 3: Review the critical limit that is documented within your HACCP Audit table and see if it is actually being recorded on your HACCP monitoring form.

Step 4: Make any adjustments to your HACCP monitoring forms if you find issues.

Multiple critical limits

Documentation seems to come un-stuck when there has been multiple critical limits identified within the one CCP or QCP. I then find that only one of these critical limits are being recorded on the HACCP monitoring forms. You should be monitoring all the critical limits that you have documented. For example, it may be that, say, 3 critical limits were identified and documented for a particular CCP but the CCP monitoring form only records one of those critical limits.

Critical Limits are not being recorded

Another issue that I encounter is when the monitoring of the critical limit is not recorded at all. Often a HACCP monitoring form has not been developed and implemented by the food business. An example of this is if your critical limit states that the food is to be a certain temperature but your HACCP monitoring form is recording the temperature of the Coolroom or oven.

HACCP Monitoring forms

The design of your HACCP forms can have a real impact on their completion success rate. To get some guidance on how to design HACCP monitoring forms that will contribute to food handlers completing them please click here.

How did you go?

Were all of your HACCP monitoring forms correctly recording your stated critical limits? Could you read the data recorded on the forms? Did you have to make some adjustments? Share your outcomes to this #FSHChallange by leaving a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Are your HACCP monitoring records correct?”

  1. If monitoring form is used for a CCP or another key task the form benefits greatly by having the critical limit or key measurement included on it. A reference to a SOP or WI for corrective action will also enhance the form.

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