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HACCP Mentor presents at SQF International Conference

The SQF International Food Safety Conference was recently held in Cincinnati – Ohio, where I had the opportunity to present a session on “Using Critical Thinking to Avoid HACCP Failures”. The session was a success with lots of great feedback provided by those who attended. It was a great experience to be a presenter at an International conference and provided the opportunity to meet lots of like-minded professionals.

It was even better to be able to put a face to the name of many of my linked-in connections and others that I have met through online food safety forums including

The SQF conference was very well attended with over 400 people making the visit to Cincinnati. The venue was great and the overall program provided a good balance between technical information and social interaction with a dose of comedy thrown in as well.



The Presentation

The purpose of my presentation was to educate participants on how critical thinking can be applied to the management of food safety within their food business. The session focused on how to apply critical thinking to three core areas, namely, complaint investigations, root cause analysis and hazard identification and assessment. Participants were required to undertake different activities during the session which definitely helped with understanding the critical thinking concept.

What is Food Safety Critical Thinking?

Critical thinking involves the participant looking past the “obvious” to ultimately prevent and manage food safety issues. Implementation of critical thinking can move a food business past basic compliance into achieving an exceptional level of business improvement, innovation and growth.

Interested in learning more?

Due to the great feedback that was received, HACCP Mentor will host a free webinar on food safety critical thinking. You can register your interest by sending me an email here.

PS: Now that I have got my overseas travel over and done with, I can return to publishing my Week-in Review posts along with some other awesome food safety and HACCP information.


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