How do you Define the Frequency of Calibration for Food Equipment?



How Do You Define the Frequency of Calibration For Food Equipment?

There are a couple of different methods in which you can work out what the frequency to which you should calibrate food equipment.

Certification Standard

The first way is to look at your certification standard. Common food certification standards include BRC, SQF, ISO22000 – any of those standards that you’re being third party certified to. Have a look at your particular standard and see if the standard owner has defined a particular time frame in which you have to calibrate equipment.

Regulatory Authorities

The second area is from your regulatory authorities. Government authorities may define equipment calibration requirements in legislation as to how often you have to calibrate certain pieces of equipment. These can be things around pH meters, thermometers, ovens or any of those pieces of equipment which they may regulate.

Defining food equipment calibration

Equipment Provider

Our third one is to go to the equipment provider. The company or person that you actually bought the piece of equipment from. They should have a recommendation as to how frequent the calibration should be done on the piece of equipment that they have sold you.


And then our forth one is based on your production. This one may go hand in hand with what your equipment provider states. It would make common sense that the more that you use the piece of equipment, or the higher the production rate, the more frequent the calibration of that piece of equipment would have to be.



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