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How to get the most from food safety professional groups

Food safety professional groups are the easiest way to get both food safety, HACCP and quality knowledge and support. They are a great way to help you increase your own skill base while hanging out with like-minded people who generally understand the ups and downs of this type of work.

Welcome to HACCP Chat where educational information and interviews are delivered to you in audio format. In this episode, I talk to Simon Timperley from the International Food Safety & Quality Network about the benefits of belonging to food safety professional group.

HACCP Chat – Episode 2

In this HACCP Chat, Simon and I discuss:

  • The origins of the IFSQN
  • How to get answers to your food safety questions
  • Etiquette for food safety professional groups
  • Putting the fun in food safety
  • The value of soft skills for food safety professionals
  • How to get people to do the right thing
  • Getting started with group support

Links mentioned in this HACCP Chat

The following links and resources were mentioned in this episode:

My top three takeaways

  1. Get involved. Go and register or join a food safety professional group or network. Even if you lurk for a while, you can definitely learn something.
  2. Be professional. Follow the community rules that have been set up. It is not a place to be placing SPAM or having a go at other members.
  3. Answer questions. If you have extensive knowledge or experience in a particular area, take the opportunity to share the love by giving back to the community.

Do you belong to any food safety professional groups?

Share your favourite professional groups with the HACCP Mentor community by leaving a comment below. You can also let us know what you like most about being involved.


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