How a food poisoning outbreak is investigated

Ever wondered how government bodies undertake a food poisoning outbreak investigation? This video published by the USFDA gives you an insight into how the Salmonella in Peanut butter food poisoning outbreak investigation was completed. This process basically mirrors what I used to do when I worked as food inspector for the government in Australia. I use to love the food poisoning outbreak detective side of my job and still find the investigation side of things very interesting.




0:14 – How long it took to diagnose the Salmonella in Peanut Butter food poisoning outbreak

0:52 – Trending case of Salmonella food poisoning

1:52 – Peanut Butter identified as the source

2:30 – Food recall of peanut butter

2:55 – Audit of peanut butter manufacturer

3:38 – Identifying the supply chain from PCA

4:17 – Notifying consumers

4:54 – Food Safety agency’s working together



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