How to evidence record verification for electronic HACCP records

For a few of my clients, they have a paper-based system, but records are then scanned as PDF documents for electronic storage and archiving. To see how I verify these types of records and evidence record verification, watch this 2 minute video.

An easy way to evidence record verification

Welcome to this quick tutorial on how to evidence that you have verified your electronic records. This works well if you have got paper records that have been converted to a PDF for easy storage. For the first part of the process I use a program called Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. You can pop over to the Adobe store by clicking on this link.  You do need to have this program on your computer so once you have that installed you can open a PDF document.

As you can see here we've just got a sample one here for product temperature monitoring and we've got an old-school style of verification where the person has put their initials and the date that they verified. So if you are still using paper verification I suggest that you do build this section into your form so it reminds people that the records have to be verified.

Once you've converted or printed your record or safety record as a PDF you can go in and use the stamp facility. I just normally use the 'reviewed stamp' and I will go and stamp it to say it's been reviewed. One of the benefits of this is it automatically does your name, the date and the time that the record was verified. It makes it very easy to drop the stamp in wherever you want. The stamp can go anywhere on the page, it's entirely up to you.

I'll just put it down the bottom of the the form to start off with. Make sure that you press 'save' to have your changes to your original document. So, that's how you do it. Very easy electronic PDF records if you need to show how you verified this - I found is the easiest method to do so.

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