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How to add digital food information to your packaging

We live in the information age and arming customers with as much information about your food product should be a priority. Traditional product labels and packaging can be restricted to meeting our regulatory obligations only. With this the case, why not provide expanded and customer information digitally?

Providing digital food information

There is so much additional information you can provide to your customers and consumers that you just cannot fit on a food label or on food packaging. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Product Specifications – Include ingredients, allergens and expanded nutritional information. Not everyone can read that tiny writing on your label so when provided digitally, consumers can increase the font size to something that they can read.

2. Origin traceability – Knowing where our food comes from is an increasing social need. Provide traceability information to your customers by adding traceability and country of origin data to your digital food information.

3. Product Use – Expand your on-pack use directions to include cooking, reheating, storage and other food safety-related information. To value add, why not include recipes that incorporate your food product.

4. HACCP Information – If your business maintains any 3rd party food safety certification, provide this information to help support your food safety objectives.

5. Customer Feedback – One of the best ways to continuously improve is to seek feedback from the customers who use your product. You can easily include surveys, feedback forms and comments directly in your digital food information.

How to add digital food information to your packaging

The easiest way to add digital food information to your food label or packaging is by using a QR code otherwise known as a “quick response” code. To find out what a QR code is and how you can generate one for your food business, please click here. 

I suggest using the URL method where the QR code, when scanned, links to a digital food information page on your website. You can then link to individual product pages from this main page.

Update information quickly

One of the major benefits of digital food information is the ability to quickly update and add product information without the need to change printed packaging. As long as your physical food product meets the labelling laws in your country of manufacture and sale, any additional information can be provided digitally.

Embrace technology

Does your food business currently provide customers with expanded product information that is easily accessible? Share your experience with the HACCP Mentor community by leaving a comment below.  

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