Custom Training Development

HACCP Mentor offers a complete range of training consultancy services. These include:

  • Course development for both online or face-to-face delivery
  • Competency Assessment development to see if your participants understood the training delivered
  • Building and managing your own business online training portal
  • Hosting your tailored online training courses or events
  • Hosting your online webinars
  • Competency mapping to National Recognised Training (NRT)

To discuss your training development needs, please contact us by clicking here or telephoning (02) 80057071.


Need a food compliance speaker?

HACCP Mentor (AKA Amanda Evans) is available to speak at your upcoming event. With over 20 years experience in the food compliance area, your participants can learn easy and practical strategies to support your food safety & quality compliance goals.

HACCP Mentor is available to:

Deliver engaging keynotes which provide fresh insights into the world of food compliance
Run highly practical food safety, quality and compliance workshops that provide real world, actionable advice that can be implemented immediately
Present on a wide variety of food compliance topics relevant to your business.
HACCP Mentor has spoken at these international events:

  • Food Safety Live 2016
  • Food Safety Live 2015
  • 21st Australian HACCP Conference
  • Food Safety Live 2014
  • SQF Information Day 2013
  • Food Safety Live 2013
  • SQF International Conference (USA) 2012

To discuss your conference or event needs, please contact us by clicking here or telephoning (02) 80057071.