Are you an effective QA Manager?

The QA Manager or HACCP manager is generally the key person that manages food safety, HACCP and quality compliance in a food business. However, not everyone in this role possesses what I consider to be the required key attributes to be a successful QA manager. If you want to increase your level of effectiveness in this role, read on.


Communication is key. As the QA Manager you need to be able to communicate effectively to all levels of your food business. This includes from top management to food handlers. One of the goals with your communication is to be persuasive. When you can get all levels of management and workers understanding and working daily on the food safety compliance goal, your work becomes a lot less stressful.


It is very hard to be persuasive with your food safety or HACCP compliance strategy when your co-workers do not see you as a leader. If you are a QA Manager, food safety professional or HACCP team leader looking to increase your skills check out HACCP Business.


When I audit, lack of organization is an area that I consistently see with food businesses that fail their 3rd party audits or have several CARs raised. When a QA manager does not know where to find information, or know who is doing what, it can be detrimental to a food business. If you have 3rd party certification to a GFSI recognized standard you many by subjected to unannounced audits. If by chance you are away or not available, your team needs to be able to find information quickly and efficiently.


A QA Manager that has the consistent ability to ‘follow-up’ will be invaluable to a food business. This means, when you ask a team member to do something or they are responsible for completing a particular food safety, HACCP or quality compliance task, follow-up to ensure that it has been completed.


In the words of Jim Rohn, “motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going”. Being motivated to achieve your food safety, HACCP and quality goals is key. Your motivation can also be infectious. Being able to motivate your co-workers and food compliance implementation teams is a valuable skill that a QA manager can have.

Are you an effective QA Manager?

How would you rate yourself against these attributes? What other attributes or skills would you consider to be essential in contributing to a successful QA Manager. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.


5 thoughts on “Are you an effective QA Manager?”

  1. QA managers should have the basic skills that is needed to do the job, they must be open minded and prepared to learn, they must be diplomatic in dealing with people. They must also understand the culture of the company in which they work. They should be able to communicate effectively with top management and workers on the floor. Above all they should be organised and have a passion for their job.

    1. Thanks Theo. I really think that good communication is one of the key skills that any QA manager can possess.

  2. What about skill (around Quality aspects)?
    I am a believer that good managers are born (attributes) and skills can be taught but not the other way around. So do you think Quality managers are born and then learn the skills or the other way around?

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