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How do you select your approved suppliers


How do you select your approved suppliers? This episode of HACCP Mentor Review covers this questions along with hazards associated with product rework and getting the right product in the the right packaging.


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Welcome to Episode 27 of HACCP Mentor Review. This is another jampacked episode where we look at how to select your approved suppliers, considering rework in your HACCP plan and getting the right product in the right packaging. We also talk about a rare parasite causing some issues at the moment and I unveil a project that I have been working on.

Right product right packaging

There has been many food recalls undertaken due to finished product being packed into the incorrect packaging. Some people may say that this is a no-brainer, but it is amazing how many food companies have actually got this wrong at some point in time. To make sure this does not happen in your workplace there are a few things that you can do.

The most obvious is to make sure that the correct packaging is actually on the production line and a pre-startup check has been undertaken. This check should verify the right packaging and the right product is in place. Getting someone to actually write out the product name, the packaging name and the packaging batch code is a better verification method rather than ticking a box on a form to say that the check has been done. To make this verification stronger, always get somebody else to double check.

Launch of

I’ve finally found some time to finish a project that I have been working on for a while. HACCP manual is a service to help you develop, review and organise your Food safety and quality manual. You can check it out at and if you have any feedback I would truly appreciate it so just send me an email.

Food poisoning outbreak

A food poisoning outbreak continues this episode from a rare parasite called Cyclospora. As of July 26, 2013, 353 cases have been reported to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Investigations into the USA based outbreak have not implicated any food source as yet. Previous outbreak investigations reported by the CDC have linked this parasite to various types of fresh produce.

How do you select your approved suppliers  How to select you approved suppliers

One of the requirements of a certified food safety and quality system is to have in place procedures for the selection of a new food supplier and the ongoing approval of any existing suppliers to your food business. So let’s run through some of the different criteria that you can use to approve a supplier and to monitor their ongoing performance.

  • Third-party certification to a recognised HACCP standard eg SQF, BRC, ISO22000 Onsite audits
  • Completion of Supplier questionnaire forms
  • Receival checks for quality and food safety parameters
  • Conformance certificates or certificates of analysis
  • Risk assessment of the suppliers product or service

I would suggest using a combination of these methods in association with a risk assessment. Whichever method or methods that you choose, just make sure that you retain all documentation to be able to show the external auditor during your certification audit. If you would like to share your method of approving suppliers, please leave a comment on our website below this episode.

Have you considered rework in your HACCP Plan?

Rework can be considered as being unincorporated food product that will be used at another time or used in another process or food product. Because of the potential hazards associated with rework, it is essential that you have considered rework in your HACCP plan. Common hazards associated with rework include microbiological, chemical, physical and allergen cross contamination. Take the opportunity to review your flow process chart and your hazard analysis tables to check if rework has been considered. In fact, that can be your action item for this episode.

Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone who has commented on Episode 26 of HACCP Mentor review regarding the difference between verification and validation. There have been some great responses which explain and define the difference simply and easily.

Well, that is another episode done and dusted so as always, please feel free to share this episode with you colleagues or post to your social network. Until next time, I am Amanda Evans from


3 thoughts on “How do you select your approved suppliers”

  1. hi nice one ,
    I was wondering , about adulteration in raw material which is now a days very much in news after horse meat issue .can u please guide me how to do risk asses ment of supplier considering adulteration as one of criteria

    Thanks and regards

    1. Hi Sanhtosh
      Undertake a risk assessment just like you would any other, list the hazard ie adulteration of xyz raw material with xyz, work out the likelihood and the consequence to come up with your overall risk.

  2. It’s good to see your recommendations on Supplier approval. looks like a verification for the system i recently developed here. We use combination of 3rd party certification, supplier questionnaire and risk assessment

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